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Vikram Sai 3 days ago

I had the best bus journey of my life with RPN Travels. To start with, their online portal was very user-friendly. Next, it was the first time that I had seen the bus start at the designated time. Whe....

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Balgopal 3 days ago

I traveled with RPN Travels a couple of days back. I was in a rush as my dad was feeling unwell and had to reach the hospital which was 6 hours away as soon as I could. I booked a seat with RPN Travel....

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Lakshman 3 days ago

Traveling to places through RPN Travels is always affordable, convenient, and satisfactory. One of the finest bus operating services. The travel experience was awesome. You guys respect the passengers....

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Saran Raj 3 days ago

I always had this feeling that private bus drivers are very unprofessional and unsophisticated. But, when I traveled by RPN Travels for the first time, I realized that I was wrong! The staff was very ....

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